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Kara Shamsa Houck

Working together to create a personal healing journey

 Kara “Shamsa” Houck is a licensed Acupuncturist and a Master Teacher and Healer in the Shadhiliyya Sufi path.  Shamsa gently guides her clients to face and transform deeply held trauma through a variety of healing modalities including acupuncture, heart based guided meditation, Zero Balancing and Prophetic Cupping, a powerfully transformative healing modality.  Through these methods, Shamsa helps clients open the door to the infinite divinity within each person.  Starting at this doorway, the patient and Shamsa work together to cultivate a personal healing journey — a journey through which deep and lasting healing may flourish.

A graduate of Tai Sophia Institute in Maryland, where she taught classes with one of the co-founders and supervised a student clinic, Shamsa brings great ability and training to her acupuncture treatments.  Shamsa also graduated from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in Pope Valley, California, where she travels regularly to serve as visiting faculty and to deepen her skills in the transformative work of spiritual healing.

 Dr. Tara Louchery

me small sufiDr. Tara Louchery is a clinical psychologist licensed in Maryland and Pennsylvania. She has worked in the mental health and wellness field for the past 15 years, helping others develop themselves and become more whole. Dr. Tara takes a holistic, integrative approach to health; the physical, emotional, and spiritual are all interconnected. Each aspect affects the others; therefore it is necessary to address issues in all spheres in order to achieve true wellness. She uses mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, affirmations, and other strategies in the process. She works with individuals, couples, and families to facilitate holistic healing, more satisfying relationships, improved coping with life difficulties, and resolution of trauma and stuck emotions. She works in partnership with her clients to facilitate the wellness they seek, supporting the process of becoming the most authentic self possible.

Dr. Tara graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University in Arlington, Virginia with a Doctorate in Psychology. In addition to providing psychological services and wellness consultation, she gratefully enjoys a full life with her soul mate and three joyful children, practices yoga, writes, and studies to learn and grow her own spirit.









10 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Yep. I’m going to be offering QiGung classes as well as Tai Chi classes in the near future. Right now, the scheduling is being established…so when works best for you?


  2. My 4.5 year old daughter has food allergies. Would acupuncture help? and is she too young?


  3. Hi Julia.

    Please forgive the lapse in time. I just got back fom Morroco last week.
    I can speak from personal experience that acupuncture can help with allergies. One of the reasons I changed professions and went to school was my healing experience with my own allergies which were mostly food. Your daughter may be better served receiving acuPRESSURE (or magnets) as children’s energy moves quickly. I’d advise calling us for a free phone consultation.
    peace and blessings

  4. Hi,

    I was wondering if acupuncture would help with a lymph node in my neck that doesn’t completely drain. Thanks.

  5. Hi Emily,

    That is an interesting question. While it is difficult to diagnose and offer a guarantee that acupuncture will help. I feel comfortable saying that acupuncture can help the body self-regulate. There are specific points for accumulation of any kind. Please give us a call for a free consultation. We will be glad to help in anyway. 301-358-5549

  6. What a wonderful place! My first experience was delightful. I left feeling calm and at peace. I never realized that I entered this space in any other condition. I need to make the time to go regularly. I kindly suggest everyone to do the same. Your body and soul will thank you!

  7. Good Afternoon,
    Thank you for contacting us. Acupuncture as well as the meditation technique, private spiritual healing/ZB sessions may all assist you in your desire to be a healthier version of you. I would be happy to give you a free phone consultation to get a better picture of what you are needing and how SUFI may assist you in reaching your goals. You may reach me at 301-358-5549. Or feel free to set up an appointment and we can get started in helping you as soon as you would like. Just click on schedule now on the right side of our home page or call us.
    I really look forward to speaking with you more in depth and hope I get a chance to support you in your lifestyle changes during this new year.
    Peace and abundant blessings,
    Shamsa Houck
    Owner/Founder of SUFI

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